Urban Designer, Architect and Researcher

Professional experience

Urban Designer and Researcher currently based in Barcelona. She is continuously working with different teams of architects and urbanists on international projects and competitions in the field of urbanism, architecture and landscape design. The latest projects include: urban study The New Urban Fabrik: Torrent Estadella Eco-Industrial Park, commissioned by the Municipality of Barcelona, that explores strategies for the regeneration of a 30ha decaying industrial site in the central city through the development of urban manufacturing dedicated to clean, Green Economy related activities; Masterplan of 28ha for the extention of the city Malacky in Slovakia. She has also co-authored the entries that won 1st prize in Europan 12-Barcelona, with the project Green Ramblas (2013) and 2nd Prize in Europan 13-Barcelona with Sustainable Interface (2015). She has also worked in further entries for international competitions, among others, Uniejow Town Revitalisation (PL), Hans Christian Andersen’s House of Fairytales, Odense (DK), Europan 12, Ciney (BE), Narutowicza Square (PL).

She gained professional experience in internationally renowned urban design offices. In Rotterdam, she worked as Urban Designer at the Urban Design practice Kuiper Compagnons (2012) in, among other projects, the large scale urban design project Development Strategy River Warta Poznan 2030 (PL), commissioned by the Municipality of Poznan, which involved designing water-sensitive strategies for the growth and regeneration of the city along the river.

Also in Rotterdam, she worked as Urban Designer at the international Architecture and Urban Design office DeZwarte-Hond in Rotterdam (2010-11), among others, in the following projects: 1st Prize winning entry Anna’s Hoeve Masterplan (NL), restricted international competition for a new 13ha sustainable neighborhood in Hilversum (NL); Hinterland, research project of Dutch border areas, providing a scan of spatial-economic and sustainable perspectives of three Euroregions; Mirror Rotterdam, a research for a future vision of densification of Rotterdam; Spaansen Terrain Masterplan for the spatial integration of the road N31 in Harlingen (NL); and Meerstad City Extension Masterplan in Meeroevers (NL).

In London, she worked as Urban Designer at the London Festival of Architecture (2010), in, among others, the projects Recycled theatre Oikos, an innovatory project of a building in which all materials used for construction were recycled and reclaimed, and Union Street Urban Orchard, an abandoned site in the center of London transformed into local productive park.

She has also worked as Urbanist Guide for Duch Architects and TU Delft students and professors during architectural tours in Poland.


She studied Architecture and Urban Design at Poznan Technical University (PL), (2004-09) and Urban Design at Avans University of Applied Sciences in Tilburg (NL) (2008-10), with a Joint Master Thesis - Regional structure vision of 3300ha in Nijmegen and a masterplan of the new city center of Cuijk (NL).

She has deepened her urban design skills by attending specialized courses, among which: Designing in Sustainable Transport (2010) at Westminster University in London; Understanding Place Making (2010) at the Sustainable Communities of the Homes & Communities Agency Academy (UK); Urban Critics Rotterdam - Workshop with Allan Jacobs and Elizabeth MacDonald (2012).

Teaching and lecturing

She has taught as expert reviewer in the urban design master courses of the University of Liechtenstein, Institute for Architecture and Urban Planning (2014).


Her work has been extensively published in specialized media: magazines as Arquitectura Viva, Future Architecture, Atlantis, the TU Delft Magazine; books such as Barcelona Plans and Projects 2011-2015, published by the Municipality of Barcelona; the Europan 12 and 13 Europe and Spain catalogs and in numerous digital media publications.