Urban Designer, Architect and Researcher

Green Ramblas 1st Prize Winner

Europan 12 International Competition - 1st Place Winner 

  • Site: Strategic area 39ha, project area 5,3ha. St Andreu, Barcelona, Spain

  • Program: Mixed Used Sustainable Masterplan + Urban Study

  • Status: 1st Place Winner

  • Client: Barcelona City Council

  • In colaboration with: Eduard Balcells, Valentin Kokudev, Andrés Lupiáñez, Balbina Mateo, Marcos Ruiz De Clavijo.


Barcelona is historically organized by parallel and perpendicular axes to the sea. At the east of the city, the main perpendicular axes to the sea are the Besòs river, with its Fluvial Park, and the future Sagrera Linear Park. We propose to link these two metropolitan green axes with the major parks located close to the project’s site by means of “The Six Parks Promenade”, a pedestrian and slow mobility path that completes the parks system at the east of the city and links the sea and the mountains through a continuous network of metropolitan scale parks.

The axes that are parallel to the sea are extended in order to establish transversal links between the project site and the surrounding neighborhoods, historically disconnected by the railway and the river. Through the site, these transversal links materialize into the “Rambles Verdes” (Green Ramblas), which are the main public spaces and play a key role in the management of the climate and the water cycle: creeks let the surface runoff infiltrate, and ponds clean the waste water. Between them, bands of buildable space can absorb, through time, the different functions, building typologies, inhabitants and ways of life. The Green Ramblas are also the main social focus, allowing for a truly vibrant new neighbourhood to come alive.

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