Urban Designer, Architect and Researcher

Industrial Park 2nd Prize Winner

2nd Prize International Restricted Competition

  • Site: Changsha, China. 30ha detailed design / 250ha urban planning

  • Program: HQ Building, Masterplanning

  • Status: 2nd Prize Winner International Competition of the Conceptual Planning Scheme of Zoomlion Smart Industrial City Organization

  • Client: Zoomlion

  • In colaboration with: Guallart Architects. local partner: Pearl River Institute

Zoomlion Company is a machinery company that produces elevators, cranes etc. for industry and is located in Changsha city. Our project for this company is a really huge urban development that incorporates not only the headquarters and facilities, but also conditioned facilities for their employees, for civic activities and also for industrial production.

There is a dual objective: generating a high-quality landscape condition and also really strong civic interaction. And to do this we’re taking into consideration elements of the natural logistics and natural topography of the surroundings.

At the same time, we’re incorporating and generating spaces of high productive capacity, related to conventional industrial tissues, but at this time it's not conventional, but also is quite sharp by incorporating the network and the landscape logistics to the whole development.