Urban Designer, Architect and Researcher

Mesto Malina Masterplan 1st Prize Winner

International restricted competition 2016

  • Site: 28ha Masterplan for the extension of the town of Malacky

  • Program: Housing, Offices, Services

  • Status: Ongoing

  • Client: Malacky Municipality, Fundus s.r.o, G.K. Team s.r.o.

  • In colaboration with: Eduard Balcells Architecture+Urbanism+Landscape; ISD Liechtenstein Institute for Strategic Development; Hellweg Urban Concept


Mesto Malina

Mesto Malina is a synthesis of Urbanity (Mesto) and Nature (Malina).

Mesto refers to the urbanity that we propose, as a contemporary reinterpretation of the rich urban tradition of historical Slovak town centers, which combine hard surfaces appropriate for public activity with lush green areas for recreation, and that leaves room for community buildings as free-standing architectonic elements articulating the public realm.

Malina refers to the rich nature that surrounds the site: the forests but, especially, the Malina River Natural Reserve (Bio-Corridor and Bio-Center Malina, Natura 2000), which comes in contact with the site all along its southern edge. Our proposal is sensitive and permeable to this natural surroundings through three Urban Bio-Corridors which doubles as the main public spaces of the neighborhood: the Civic Commons, the Urban Meadows and the Sports Orchards, each with a defined program and distinct landscaping identity, extensively incorporating local and regional plantings and enhancing biodiversity.


Rich urban tradition of historical Slovak town centers


Urban Bio-Corridor #B / The Civic Commons 

It's the main public space of the neighborhood. It derives its morphology from the traditional Slovak town centers, where a long public space combines hard and green surfaces, and which contains, as free-standing objects, the collective facility buildings. Usually, this public spaces is enclosed at its short edges: in Mesto Malina, it opens generously towards the surrounding nature.



Urban Bio-Corridor #C / The Urban Meadows

It's the greenest public space. It contains more intimate spaces, maximizing contact with a humanized wilderness organized around a creek that ecologically manages rainwater, allowing it to infiltrate into the ground and providing rich habitats for the local fauna and flora to thrive.


Urban Bio-Corridor #A / The Sports Orchards

As a buffer and within the non-buildable distance from the highway, the main sports facilities of the neighborhood are located, shielded from the highway by a landscaped sound berm. The sports fields are designed as clearings in a productive landscape of fruit and flower trees. Taking advantage of the proximity to the highway, contemporary work-live building typologies and lofts are proposed.


Shared streets for access to the houses, one single level with the same pavement

Main access streets with visitors parking, sidewalks and cars levels separated, max speed 30km/h 


Urban Plan, linking the new neighborhood both to the surrounding nature and to Malacky town center