Urban Designer, Architect and Researcher

Sustainable Neighbourhood Masterplan 1st Prize Winner

International restricted competition 

  • Program: 13 ha housing + school

  • Status: ongoing

  • Client: City of Hilversum

  • In colaboration with: DeZwarteHond

Anna’s Hoeve is situated on the east side of Hilversum in the transition area between the town and several nature areas. This unique landscape forms the core quality of Hilversum. The municipality has planned a residential area comprising some 600 housing units on this location. The urban master plan that is still to be drawn up, will be highly sustainable, link up well with the new, green elevation, the existing development and surroundings, and provide space for affordable housing and, of course, be (financially) feasible.


The master plan focuses primarily on a maximisation of differentiation. This involves a potential differentiation in programmes, typologies and the commissioning of briefs. This means a high degree of flexibility as regards both the urban and the financial context. A more modest development unit facilitates a large variation in the commissioning of briefs. The scale of the eventual plot offers optimum flexibility in programming and links up with the scale which the developments, to an increasing degree, are leading to. It gives the development a risk profile that is in keeping with the times.


In addition to the small development unit, within which there is plenty of freedom as regards infill, the plan proposes a strong public framework. This public framework comprises a robust green structure that connects the neighbourhood with its surroundings and a clear-cut traffic structure to which the parking is linked. The developer will need to create a collective area as a connecting element between these two public areas.


Anna’s Hoeve will become a residential area which is sustainable at all scale levels. It not only focuses on energy performance, but also on sustainability that is translated in all aspects of the residential area: on an area level, as a collective and on a housing level.


The insight into the development of the intervention area in the current climate, taking into account the level of quality contemplated, led to the plan winning the selection. The masterplan reached completion mid 2013.  

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