Urban Designer, Architect and Researcher

Honorata appointed mentor at Citython Lublin



Citython is an event that analyses mobility challenges faced by cities, where multi-disciplinary teams of students and professionals from different backgrounds and expertise (architecture, urban planning, data science, engineering, human science, and business creation) compete against each other to provide innovative solutions. The ambition of the Citython is to create a reference co-idea on an event in Europe that can attract the best talents, including students of the EIT Urban Mobility academic programs, to create the most innovative solutions.

EIT Urban Mobility is a European initiative that brings together cities, universities, research centres, and industry, to work jointly on mobility innovations and make cities more liveable.

​In partnership with the City of Eindhoven, Hamburg, Lublin, Bilbao, and Barcelona, the Breda University of Applied Science and the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), CARNET, Digital Hub Logistic Hamburg and Tecnalia are working together in the organization and execution of the event with their expertise in previous Hackathons.

And as part of EIT Urban Mobility’s core activities, the aim of this year is to celebrate new Citython editions in the top European cities of Eindhoven (Netherlands)Bilbao and Barcelona (Spain), and Hamburg (Germany), and Lublin (Poland).