Urban Designer, Architect and Researcher


Honorata is working with IAAC to advance the science of making cities.


urbanization.org is an non-profit open platform launched by IAAC that promotes a rational analysis of urban reality on a global scale using digital tools, so that the challenges facing cities in the coming years can be addressed in a more efficient and innovative way, for the benefit of the common good.

The initial project involved the English translation of the first scientific theory on the construction of cities, the General Theory of Urbanization, written in 1867 by Ildefons Cerdà in Barcelona, and the development of an platform with open data from his research.

Upcoming projects will be oriented at developing a comparative system to analyze the physical, social and informational structure of cities in an open and collaborative way, with the aim of improving the impact of future urban regeneration projects and new settlements in cities around the world.

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Selected projects: